About the Author

Darby Vannier

Growing up in Nebraska, Darby's values were formed at an early age, as he worked on a farm from age 12. His working life has given him an opportunity to experience a variety of leadership styles

Now, with more than 20 years leading successful for-profit, non-profit, and retail organizations, Darby’s passion is driven by his interactions with the people he works with every day. Core to this is the fundamental belief that amazing people and strong teams are key to the ability of every organization to operate at peak performance and strengthen organizational growth.

He has focused his career on recruiting and developing dedicated leaders and creating organizational cultures that foster growth and teamwork.

As author of The Indispensable Leader, Darby uses his experience as a leader, coach, consultant, and speaker as he teaches others important leadership concepts through dynamic storytelling using real work examples from throughout his career.


“The Indispensable Leader compares and contrasts the styles of managers versus visionary leaders. Which is better? Both! Darby Vannier outlines the pros and cons of each style and provides simple guidance on combining the two styles to achieve the highest leadership success.”

Lyn Wineman
President & Chief Strategist at KidGlov
Host of podcast, Agency for Change

“The Indispensable Leader is a book all business leaders should read. Darby's breakdown of the differences between managers and leaders is spot on and enlightening. The personal stories woven throughout the book help illustrate and demonstrate how leaders should behave and think in order to properly lead others.”

Angela Pointon
President at 11 out of 11
Author of Stop Blending In