Breaking the Binary: A New Approach to Leadership with The Indispensable Leader

Are you tired of feeling stuck between being a detail-oriented manager and a big-picture visionary? Why choose when you can have both? In "The Indispensable Leader," leadership expert Darby Vannier presents a groundbreaking approach to leadership that combines the best traits of both managerial and visionary leaders to create a powerful hybrid leadership style.

Through real-world examples and practical tools, Vannier guides readers on a journey to develop a leadership style that fosters an effective team, an enterprising environment, and an exciting future. You'll learn how to adopt beneficial traits from both managerial and visionary leaders, handle difficult situations and change, and build technical and big-idea leadership skills through training and mentorship.

But this book isn't just for managers or CEOs - anyone can benefit from the valuable lessons in "The Indispensable Leader." Whether you're leading a team at work, volunteering in your community, or simply looking to become a more effective leader in your personal life, this book has something for everyone.

Don't limit your career, team, or company by sticking to traditional binary thinking. Embrace hybrid leadership and become an Indispensable Leader today! Get your copy of "The Indispensable Leader" and start redefining leadership success for yourself and those around you.


You'll Learn...

  • Beneficial traits of the Manager and Visionary archetypes to adopt into your hybrid leadership – and which to leave behind.
  • A foundation of core values, characteristics, and habits to handle difficult situations, decisions, and change within your organization.
  • How an Indispensable Leader can display informal, influential leadership outside of a formal role.
  • Options to help you build both technical and big-idea leadership skills: trainings, observed learning, and mentorships.
  • Indispensable tips for building, coaching, and strengthening a great team.

"Leadership has become a buzz word in our culture with many people writing about it or claiming to have an understanding of it, but Darby actually gets it. Through personal stories as well as connecting us with his many mentors he breaks down the myths behind the visionary and manager and introduces us to a new form of leadership that embraces the qualities of both. This book will prove valuable for anyone in a leadership position but also immensely valuable for entrepreneurs who are deciding on their next steps. I can easily see this book becoming indispensable on its own."

Michael Roderic
CEO at Small Pond Enterprises
Host of The Access to Anyone Podcast

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"Rich with relatable stories and real examples, The Indispensable Leader offers countless golden nuggets of wisdom that leaders at every level can easily begin to apply in their day-to-day interactions. A fantastic book club selection to spark valuable leadership discussions and professional growth."

Jeana Goosmann
Founder, CEO, & Managing Partner at Goosmann Law Firm
Author of Worth It

“The Indispensable Leader is a master class in understanding the difference between a manager and a visionary. Darby Vannier provides compelling lessons for anyone interested in elevating their leadership journey.”

Jay Wilkinson
CEO at Firespring
Founder of the Do More Good® Movement

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